Simplify your LabVIEW code !

Reduce your development time !

With Grafcet Designer, specify your logic command through a SFC or grafcet in order to pilot your digital outputs in regard to your digital inputs behavior.
The complete integration of this toolkit inside LabVIEW makes of it the perfect tool for the development of your control/command applications and data acquisition. You choose the best adapted formalism inside a single development environment : LabVIEW !

 More easy to read code 





Development times reduced by 2 or 3 factor !



The VIs palette of Grafcet Designer V2.0 let you edit directly your SFCs (Sequential Function Charts) or Grafcets in your LabVIEW diagrams.
The graphical syntax of your SFC is automatically done bye LabVIEW : broken wires if your SFC wiring syntax is incorrect.
The execution of your SFC VI opens automatically an error window if your conditionnal actions (associated to steps) or receptivity (associated to transitions) are incorrect.
The execution of your SFC VI inside a loop let you live your SFC : just send your digital inputs to your VIS and get back your digital outputs !

Add-On Characteristics

The Add-on is installed with examples that help you to undertsand how to use the toolkit.

A free Add-oni can be downloaded for the Digital Inputs and outputs Simulation and Visulalization : DIOs Simu & Visu. 

DIOs Simu & Visu let you visualize and simulate the state of digital inputs and outputs.

The Function palette

Grafcet Designer palette can be found under Add-On palette or under Control & simulation palette of your function palette.


it is composed of :

  • VI Initial Step,
  • VI Step,
  • VI Transition,
  • VI Up Arrow,
  • VI "And" Disassembly operator
  • VI "And" Assembly operator.


Examples VIs located in the example directory of LabVIEW are installed in the same time as is installed palette Grafcet Designer.

Those VIs are also accessible through the search example tool of LabVIEW.


Grafcet Designer let you visualize the state of your SFC when executing (mode debug only available in development environment). You can see here after the way that Grafcet Designer shows you actives steps :



An error window in "LabVIEW style" helps you quickly identify and correct your syntax errors in receptivities and conditionnal actions :



An On line help for receptivities and conditionnal actions syntax :


A wizard to help you for the syntax of conditionnal action of steps :



A wizard to help you for the syntax of receptivity of transitions :



Some "templates" Grafcet Designer are also available after install and help you directly  organise your application.


With the Digital Inputs and Outputs Visulisation and Simulation library you can see the state of your digital inpouts and outputs thaht your SFC manages. You can simulate or force your inputs, you can force your outputs.